Tips to get your pet used to wear clothes


We have our wardrobe full with daily apparel and we used to change variety of fashion throughout the entire year. So do your pets! They may need a little training at the beginning to get used to their new clothes. If your pet start to wear clothes from when they are puppies, they will get very excited when you put on new clothes for them. Some of our “older” pets might be a little suspicious when they first wore their clothes but they have no problem later.



Here are some tips to get your pet used to wear clothes:


1. Make sure the clothes are the right size and fits well else it may obstruct the movement of your pet.

2. Put on the clothes only before you tagging them out for walkies.

3. You gotta act normal. If you make a fuss, then so will they!

4. Never let your pet remove their own clothes. Make sure you are doing that for them.




Your Pet Your Way