Review of Dog Clothes: What said the Veterinarians

Many still hesitate if dogs need clothes. According to PetMD, dogs naturally have their own external layering system, however some dogs have lighter layers of fur than others. Generally there are three groups of dogs who benefit from the insulation provided by clothes, as well as the protection afforded by life as a pampered house pet:

  1. Small Dogs
  2. Dogs who are elderly, chronically ill or both
  3. Dogs with short fur, such as Greyhounds, Whippets and dogs of a similar thin body type


Dr Marty Becker from VetStreet stated that have a more difficult time to generate and retain body heat on their own to respond to the environment. A little help for these dogs are always good by keeping them warm.

Here is another overview from Drs. Foster & Smith Educational staff, exposed to the cold, it may take only a few minutes for dogs to become dangerously chilled; while under the hot summer, dogs can suffer from heatstroke and scorching pavement can burn their paws. In fact, even on the best days, clothing can keep your dogs cleaner, safer, and more comfortable. They no longer have to tough out the extremes of weather on their own.

Here we got the list of advantages of putting on clothing for your dog:

  • Warm your dog
  • Keep them dry
  • Protection on their paws
  • Keep their coat clean
  • Reduce insect bites
  • Repel fleas & ticks
  • Cool them in hot weather
  • Protect them against sunburn
  • Keep them safer on the sidewalk


Overall, this is more to protection from weather extremes. Dogs can be benefited from protection of clothing just as much as you do. Good clothing can help your dogs better adaption to the seasonal changes and enjoy more outdoors time even after rain. Also, added fun to holidays and events such as wedding.

See our little model is always the happy pie when putting his clothing on. He even wink when I took this photo of him. Tres adorable isn’t him?

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