How to Size Your Pet


Important Reminder. As some of the apparel are personalized and customized for your pet individually, the apparel sold are non-exchangeable & non-refundable if the mistake is made by your side. Please kindly take note on the name of your pet or any characters / numbers that you want to craft on the apparel are correct, also ensure the size and other details are right before you proceed to checkout your items. If you had found any mistake after the submission, please kindly contact us immediately. With condition that if the order have not proceed, we are very happy to handle your request.



In order to minimize all of these, we offer you the guidelines and measurements to ease you measure your pet correctly. We strongly encourage you to read all the guidelines very carefully to insure you get the best fit for your pet, and avoid any costly charges.



Please complete the measurements with a measuring tape. If you do not have a measuring tape, use a piece of string or shoe lace to get the measurements and place the string or shoe lace against a ruler or tape measure to retrieve the measurements.




***Tips for Better Measurements***

1. Always measure your pet while it is standing up.

2. Always use a fabric measuring tape because its flexible.

3. When measuring the circumference of the chest and neck, make sure that the tap meets the other end and it is not too tight.





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